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Tabuteau, LLC provides legislative lobbying services which includes but not limited to: legislation and budget tracking and analysis; bill and amendment drafting; client education and strategy development; preparation and delivery of testimony; development and coordination with coalitions of organizations, and coordination with client counsel. Richard's past litigation experience makes him particularly adept at analyzing and drafting legislation and amendments that anticipate the implications of bill language as it may be applied in the courts and through agency enforcement.


Tabuteau, LLC assists procurement clients in navigating Maryland’s stratified and complex procurement system, including arranging meetings with high level elected officials as well as cabinet secretaries and senior agency officials. Our services include “door opening,” product/service introduction and demonstrations, obtaining information relating to upcoming solicitations, and monitoring legislation that may potentially impact a procurement or P3 project. Importantly, our firm represents procurement/P3 clients before the Maryland Board of Public Works and Maryland General Assembly, and works closely with litigation counsel on procurement matters before the Maryland State Board of Contract Appeals.


Effective community outreach services are of paramount importance in communities where projects can affect parties as diverse as local residents, businesses, public institutions, community leaders, and elected officials.  Tabuteau, LLC works directly with the public throughout the project to ensure that concerns and aspirations are consistently understood and considered throughout the project planning process.  We have strong relationships with media consultants, attorneys, elected officials, and civic leaders, who value our reputation and expertise.  Additionally, Tabuteau, LLC is certified by the Maryland Department of Transportation as a DBE, MBE, and SBE.


Tabuteau, LLC assists clients in bringing positive outcomes for their businesses. Our legislative work often places us in the position of drafting legislation that serves as the basis for regulatory compliance, furthering our ability to ensure that regulations are reasonable and not overly burdensome. Richard has represented clients before agencies overseeing health and human services, environment, commerce, labor, technology and others.

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